Monday, January 14, 2008

Massanutten, VA

Thanks to Billy's grandparents, we were able to take advantage of their timeshare in Massanutten, VA for four glorious days of rest and relaxation at the beginning of January. It was a beautiful ski resort area where we could just run around and play outside, watch lots of movies, relax, and knit...okay, I'm the only one who knitted but it was fun.

The kids loved the great playground there and I love Will's cheesy face.

Kasia was content to swing for a while but soon got bored and then very muddy as she slid down the wet slide again and again.

Joe and Billy convinced Isaac that they used to play this game when they were little where someone chases you with a big stick and beats you if they catch you. The game lasted for a long time (probably until Joe got too tired) and lucky for Isaac, he never got caught.

No Jackson family trip to the mountains would be complete with out one of the famous Jackson family hikes. This small jaunt turned into a 4 hour excursion up the face of an incredibly steep mountain. Lucky for me, this prego stayed home. And nobody was hurt.

Don't ask me what Billy would've done here if either he or Isaac were to fall. Once again, glad I wasn't there.

The top of the mountain they hiked to.

A cave we discovered at the local pond. Kosh had no fear and headed right in (with Billy close behind). The boys weren't so sure but enjoyed listening to the echoes...

Thanks again, Bill and Audrey, for a great trip!


Starley Family said...

I love Kosh's jacket! She is so stinking adorable. Yes it is interesting looking at the steep incline as to what Mr. Jackson aka MacGyver would have done in that situation. Good to see you are all having a good time. Lol!

Jenn said...

You all look like you have so much fun. I sure would not have wanted to go on that hike.

Christy said...

You have been Tagged - check out my blog for details

Breanne said...

Sarah! I found you through Kristen! How are you?? I can't believe you are having your 4th baby! That is so crazy how time flies. Here is a link to my blog. I hope all is well. ttyl.

Jenn said...

I've never been tagged before, so I don't know if I'm doing it correctly, but I'm tagging you. See my blog for directions

Mark and April Sullivan said...

You're getting close to your due date... how are you feeling girl?

go mom go said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun!
Angela Nelson