Thursday, October 16, 2008

Perfect Fall Weather in Hershey (dedicated to Andrea J. Noorlander)

So the weather in Hershey has been fantastic. Perfect. You walk outside and just feel like pure, unadulterated energy is rolling through you, your cheeks and arms and legs massaged by the perfect balance of hot and cold. We've been on many walks, and spent all of yesterday afternoon at one of Hershey's many parks (the only ones there!) working on the laptop and reading and playing, all outside.

Will update: He told Sarah that the "builders" should have built the living room right by the tub so that he could watch TV while taking a tub. And the day before he told Sarah that he wanted to buy a scooter. "We should go to the scooter store to buy a scooter," he said. Sarah informed him that we didn't have the money. "Well," he said, "we should go to the money store and get some money, then go to the scooter store and buy a scooter." Why didn't I think of that? He's also becoming a great drawer, though he insists on coloring in completely all of the "ears" on his "people" so that they end up looking like sideburns. He won't change this.

Kasia update: She woke me up this morning by appearing like a fairy by my bedside. I opened my eyes and there she was, smiling at me from ear to ear, her chin resting on the mattress, her nose about an inch from my face. "Hi Daddy," she said softly...I love that girl. She loves oranges and insists on peeling them herself, and she only like old man cereals (like her dad) like Raisin Bran and Mini-Wheats. She loves to throw things away--I'll ask, "Who wants to throw this diaper away for me?" and she'll yell out, "ME!" Then she runs out and reappears a few moments later having "thrown it away." The trouble is, she doesn't know how to life the garbage can's lid. So hours later I'll be throwing something away myself and go to the garbage can only to find the items she's been throwing away during the day stacking neatly on top of the garbage. Did I mention I love that girl??

Thomas update: He's moved DOWN on the weight chart since his last doctor visit five weeks ago. He can say "Ma ma ma ma ma" and "Da da da da da" and "Na na na na na" which is the equivalent of several weeks of Tibetan language study. He hates sleeping. He has a horrible rash from excessive drooling. We have him in a bib all day, but it still soaks even the thickest of bibs and everything underneath. He smiles SO easily--even if he's crying and angry, if you smile at him, he'll smile back in mid-wail!

Andrea, I love you!

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