Friday, October 17, 2008

Trying to Collect Rent (dedicated to Andrea J. Noorlander)

So we've driven to Baltimore in an attempt to collect the rent on our house that is two months overdue. Why did this necessitate our driving down here? Only because our tenant has canceled her home phone. And her cell phone. So now she is unreachable. And she's moving out in less than two weeks. 

I hate renting. 

On a lighter note, we are able to visit with the DeWaals, with whom we are staying overnight. Tyler and Dave Schorr are considering organizing a Helios sales team in the Baltimore-Washington area; they'd do a great job, and we'll discuss the possibility tomorrow.

Speaking of Helios, we are organizing what looks to become a 10-person sales team in PA-NJ, as well as a 5-person team in UT and a small team in WA. Sales reps' boots hit the ground on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed. Better yet, pray for us!

And now for all the tens of you who read this blog--a political aside. A third party vote is not a wasted vote. If you aren't satisfied with either of the two "major" candidates, vote third party. I personally will be voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. Let your voice be heard--and voting for "the lesser of two evils" is not being heard; it's just playing into a system that is offering you nothing "good" to vote for! Reject that system--that's what voting is all about!

Will update: Mark today in your journals as the day Will first asked me, "Dad, how do Moms and Dads make kids?" Call me if you want to know what I told him. Suffice it to say, I didn't give him "the talk" (don't worry, dad, I didn't pull out the old medical charts like you did--"this is the penis," said the dad with a straight face while ten-year-old Billy mustered all of his strength to suppress the overpowering laughter). But I did give him a decent prologue. Even Sarah approved.

Kasia update: This girl likes donuts. And she loves the DeWaals. I made the mistake of calling Megan and Mia "Megan and Mia." She immediately corrected me: "No daddy, it's Meggie Moo and Mia Pia."  My bad.

Thomas update: Did I mention this guy can drool? And his gas is seriously potent. Even as I type, Amy DeWaal is in the next room saying, "Oh, Tom, that is bad." That's my boy.


Ann K. said...

Thanks for making my day! I'm still laughing. Good luck with Helios, you'll do great. Wish me luck having Anjuli's 16th b'day party here today--she and her friend decorated the place,and after a scavenger hunt downtown (dad's work of course), they'll be invading my space...and it's such a small space. Give those kids a hug for me, Love you,

Andy said...

Yea! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten. Thanks for both these last posts! I've been dead bored about 90% of the time this week and reading about my adorable niece and nephews helps a lot. :)

Emily and Nate said...

why is everything dedicated to andy?