Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Day for Isaac

As if moving to a new town and starting kindergarten weren't enough, Isaac decided to add a little more change to his life by losing his first tooth. Well, his first wiggly tooth to fall out, that is. I'm surprised he never misplaced it because he carried this itty-bitty tooth in his hand all day before I finally got him a ziplock bag to keep it in. He was so excited to put it under his pillow that night and even more excited to discover that the tooth fairy left him a whole dollar! He later confessed to being slightly worried that he would only get 35 cents like Grandpa Phil...

Look at that great smile! But that's actually not the tooth that fell out - the dentist pulled that one out much earlier this year.

There you can see the tooth that fell out. You can also see what Isaac looks like when you tell him to smile really big.

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Jamie! said...

Hooray for the tooth fairy!