Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Hershey: Part 2 - Costumes

Like I mentioned in my last blog, the costume part of Halloween presented quite a challenge.

Isaac had received a costume in the mail from his dad the day before and it was...scary. He said he wanted scary and scary is what he got...or gruesome. Call it what you want, he was most likely the freakiest little 5 year old in all of Hershey. I'm actually not sure what he was. I told him he was a zombie, which is what his dad later confirmed. He had decided, however, that he was a troll like the ones on the movie Willow. Only a child that is heavily influenced by Billy would decide that.

Will was a little trickier to dress. You see, he'd been wearing a different costume that we have in our dress-up clothes every day around town. He was a giraffe at parent-teacher conference, a power ranger at the grocery get the idea. As a result, he kept changing his mind on what he wanted to be for Halloween. When it all boiled down to that last 30 minutes, he decided that he wanted to be Woody from Toy Story (thanks Mom). And he was a great Woody, topped off with Billy's cub scout hat from when he lived in Australia. He had a blast! Anyone who's spent significant time with Will knows that he takes his time in everything he does and this was no exception. He walked SO SLOW while we trick-or-treated and every few steps would take off his hat, hold it high, and say "Let's ride like the wind, Bulls-eye." (from the movie). What a nut!

Kasia was a cute little farmer girl complete with overalls, plaid shirt, curly pigtails, and freckles. It just doesn't get any cuter than her!


Amelia said...

Isaac's costume is so crreeepy!

Brendalyn said...

It looks like you guys had a great Halloween. I love the pumpkins, you all did a great job. We sure missed your family out here this year. Hope to see you again soon.