Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Hershey: Part 4 - Kasia

I am dedicating this post to Kasia, who took to Halloween like a fish to water. The first house was a little confusing to her but after that she had it down. She tolerated holding Billy's hand for the first little bit and then he was holding her back too much so she was off on her own. It was so funny to watch and we took about a million pictures of her. She would walk from house to house, kicking her little pink pumpkin bucket as she went, go up the walkway and say "Pees" (please) and then take her piece of candy and be on to the next. People at some houses thought she was so cute that they'd give her more than one piece (more for me!) but that started a bad trend because at later houses she would sometimes cry if they only gave her one. She's so funny! So props to Kosh on a great Halloween and enjoy the small selection of pictures.


Amelia said...

Way to go Kosh! That's my kind of girl!!

KarliSue said...

Your family is so beautiful! I found your blog through Kristen's I hope you don't mind me checking it out! I hope everything is going well. I miss you a ton and think about you often!

Jamie! said...

Awesome! Isn't it great when they take to going around to strangers houses begging for candy! My kid is the same way!