Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween in Hershey: Part 3 - Night on the Town

Our first stop on the trick-or-treat route was the local police station where they were hosting a "safe trick-or-treat" night. Little did we know that besides juice and cookies, the boys would be photographed for the local newspaper with one of Hershey's own police officers. They were so excited!

After that we headed to Elm Street. Now why did I not think that going to Elm Street on Halloween night might be a little freaky? Thanks, mom, for helping me draw that connection. Lucky for us, nothing scary happened...except for maybe one house that went all out in decorations. We tried to capture it as best we could. I think they had their entire family there in full-out costumes and it seemed just like a real haunted house. The kids loved it!

The kids actually had the energy to trick-or-treat for about an hour and a half (including Kasia) and got way too much candy. But then again, that's the point of Halloween, isn't it?

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Jamie! said...

I would've thought that you were crazy too!